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Improve your land

Do you want to increase productivity, reduce operating costs and improve the land value of your farm? Landholders can achieve all this by encouraging native vegetation on their farms: Farms with shade trees and shelter belts are more aesthetically appealing and attract a premium over average land values. A survey conducted in the Central West […]

Workshop for your livestock in dry times

There’s been some patchy rain over the district with some areas receiving greater falls than others, but overall the season hasn’t been great. The dry conditions are presenting a challenge to producers with livestock nutrition and management. The Central Tablelands LLS will be running an interactive information session for producers of the Central Tablelands in […]

Planning in paddock planting

Have you got a succession plan for your paddock trees? Paddock trees have many production benefits but many of these majestic giants are reaching the end of their life span, with some estimates predicting that in 40 years all the paddock trees could be gone. Paddock trees supply production benefits by providing shelter for stock […]

Helping frog research

There are over 240 frog species recorded in Australia, many of which are unique to this continent. But Australian frog numbers are declining and many are endangered. The Australian Museum has launched the FrogID count, a national citizen science project that aims to count Australia’s frogs and learn more about what is happening to them. […]

Be prepared for the upcoming fire season

Going away? Have you prepared your property for the fire season? Most of us try to take the opportunity for some rest and relaxation over the summer and may even get away for a break. But summer is also the time we face the greatest bushfire risk. So how do you safeguard your property if […]

Continuing to improve our awareness

Local landcare group, Watershed Landcare, continues to be strong and active with this year’s activities focusing on working with it’s members and the community to improve knowledge and awareness, and to increase the uptake of sustainable land management practices. Watershed Landcare held it’s Annual General Meeting on Friday 24 November. The meeting was well attended […]

Workshop to help our landholders team up

The success of environmental management actions can be greatly improved when such projects are implemented across property boundaries. But starting and maintaining the momentum of a local group can be daunting and hard work. It helps to draw insight from others and receive good guidance along the way. As part of the Landholder Collaboration Project, […]

Have your say on carp control

The feeding habits of the European carp, Cyprinus carpio, have a detrimental effect on water quality and create an unfavourable environment for other species. Carp are benthivorous fish that feed in and on sediment; this is destructive to aquatic plants, which provide critical feeding, spawning and nursery habitat for native fish, increases turbidity by suspending […]

The importance of marking pollinators

November 12 to 19 marks Australian Pollinator week, which acknowledges our important and unique insect pollinators. To raise awareness of the essential role of pollinators in our environment and what you can do to support their needs, Watershed Landcare hosted a Native Bee Motel workshop. Presenter Liz Davis, Central Tablelands LLS Regional Landcare Facilitator, guided […]

Mudgee community to provide bid input

The Federal Government has announced the next funding round of the National Landcare Program. From July 2018, the Regional Land Partnerships component of the National Landcare Program will invest $450 million over five years to deliver national priorities at a regional and local level. Central Tablelands Local Land Services is working with Landcare networks across […]