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Keep an eye out for swarms

The bees have been busy this spring, with a large number of swarms appearing across our district they have also been keeping members of the Mudgee Bee Group busy. “Mudgee has been the hot spot this spring; the Mudgee Bee Group has collected at least 8 swarms around town, as well as a couple at […]

Keep rain on your farm for longer

Australian is a land of climatic extremes. Farmers and land managers contend with cycles of flood and drought punctuated by the odd ‘good’ year. While we rarely complain about there being too much water, we do spend a lot of time wishing for rain. But what if you could capture that water and keep it […]

Dangerous application in dry times

The ongoing dry conditions experienced over much of the state are cause for concern amongst land managers and gardeners for several reasons. The primary, and most obvious, concern is for the provision of adequate water and forage for the health and productivity of livestock. Another cause for concern may be the disruption in the annual […]

Attract birds to your garden

Native plants are a great way to attract birds to your garden, but the type of native you plant can greatly affect the types of birds it will attract. The species you select will influence whether you favour seed-eaters, honeyeaters or insect-eaters, but they all like thick vegetation to nest, shelter and forage in, so […]

Honing your bird ID skills

Can you pick a Brown Treecreeper from a Whitethroated Treecreeper? Do you know what a Spotted Pardalote’s call sounds like? Want to know clues to finding the rare Regent Honeyeater? Ever wanted to record what birds are in your area? Come and join a workshop on woodland bird identification and survey methods! Central Tablelands LLS […]

Environmental expo a success

The biggest event on Watershed Landcare’s calendar is over for another year. The Green Day environmental expo for year 5 and 6 students from schools across our region was held at Mudgee Showground last Thursday. “Everything ran very smoothly, which is no mean feat with coordinating nearly 600 kids from 13 schools and 20 workshops […]

The economics of street trees

We all know that trees improve air and water quality, capture and store carbon, provide shade, increase biodiversity, reduce winter temperature variances, reduce average heat wave temperatures and help to minimise stormwater damage. But scientists and economists are just beginning to appreciate the multiple benefits and economic value that street trees provide in urban environments. […]

Get involved in Landcare

September 4-10 marks Landcare Week. Landcare Week is an annual celebration encouraging everyone, wherever they live and whatever they do, to get involved in the Landcare community and help protect and restore our country’s valuable natural resources. Landcare became a national initiative in 1989 and has since grown into the largest environmental and land management […]

Watershed makes waves

Watershed Landcare is very pleased to announce that we have confirmed our keynote speaker for our 9th annual Green Day event. We have been fortunate to secure the services of Ruben Meerman, a.k.a the Surfing Scientist! Ruben is a passionate science educator, who travels extensively throughout Australia running exciting and engaging science sessions for primary […]

Tour gives insight into systems

After a successful tour last year, Watershed Landcare’s Grazing Group will be heading off on another bus trip to explore various production systems in our region and beyond. The tour will visit Rob Lennon at Gundooee to see the impacts of the fire earlier in the year and the management strategies put in place for […]