Public forum for changing landscapes

Futurelands2 is a public forum will explore our changing relationship to land. The forum will gather farmers, artists, custodians and scholars to lead this essential discussion, and invites visitors to engage in novel ways with the region’s natural and farming environments

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Have you got all the dirt on soil?

Water is unlikely to be the limiting factor for growth this spring. But have you thought about what’s going on in your soil to get the most out of all the rain we’ve had?

Watershed Landcare are launching a project focusing on soil health as the building block of a landscape system for both production and biodiversity.

The ‘Digging Deeper into Watershed Soils’ project will provide landholders the opportunity to increase their knowledge of the aspects that influence their soil.

The project which is funded by Landcare Australia and the Jaramas Foundation will involve a series of capacity building workshops as well as an on-ground works component.

The workshops will explore topics such as soil chemistry, soil biology, landscape function, the role our soils play, understanding results of soil tests and how management decisions may be adapted depending on the results.

Assessing soil biology health in a laboratory, has proved hard to measure in a meaningful way for farmers. Instead the workshops will demonstrate practical soil testing and monitoring skills for assessing soil biology health in the paddock.

Watershed Landcare will be looking for 3 sites in our region to host the workshops.

Landholders will have the opportunity to work with the experts engaged for the workshops to determine management options and discuss any issues they may have on their properties.

Have you got a soil health topic you would like to explore further, would like to host a workshop or have an idea for a project to improve soil health on your patch?

Contact Caludia Wythes, Watershed Landcare Co-ordinator, for more information on 0412 011 064 or