PROJECT AIM: The Growing Recovery project allows Watershed Landcare members who want to boost vegetation on their land to receive up to 120 tube stock plants with guards at no cost. The project aims to strengthen wildlife habitat, improve biodiversity and enhance the greater ecosystem of the Mid-Western region.

The Watershed Landcare region is going to get a lot greener in 2022! We were thrilled to find out earlier in the year that we had successfully secured funding for the Landcare Led recovery project, which is supported by the Australian Government’s Bushfire Recovery Program for Wildlife and their Habitat. The project will enable us to grow 10,000 native plants to give to landholders seeking to revegetate their properties.

The Growing Recovery project is an exciting opportunity because it will have a significant and widespread impact across our rural community. Here’s your chance to regenerate eroded gullies and creeks, enhance and connect remnant revegetation, and create some wildlife corridors that can also act as shelterbelts.

When planning a revegetation project, it’s best to include a shrub to tree ratio of 3:1. The shrub layer is vital in plantings to support small birds, protect the soil close to the ground and allow for biodiversity. We’ll be supplying a wide range of plants, including trees, shrubs and grasses, all carefully selected and endemic to our region.

Every single one of the 10,000 plants available will be grown locally with love by our fabulous volunteers, and we’re determined to make every plant count! We will be offering our guidance to help plan your plantings to ensure the best chance of success. There’s also an array of resources available on our website that shine a light on species selection, planting and caring for plants once in the ground.

Orders are now closed for this project.

Plants ordered in October will be available for collection in Autumn 2022. If you’re planning a larger scale project and need more than 120 plants, we can also assist you; please get in touch and we can grow some for you as a special order. If you’re not a rural landholder and want to order some plants from our Landcare Nursery, we have tube stock available for purchase here.

Project Coordinator
Claudia Wythes