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Resilient farmers project

A number of landholders in the Capertee Valley are working together to improve drought mitigation and the hydrology of the valley, while at the same time promoting mental health and well-being through increased social activity and community connectivity. Growing interest in restoring the natural cycling of water and improving resilience have led a number of […]

Learn about our amphibians

There are around 200 frog species in Australia, many of these endemic. As amphibians frogs rely on the presence of water, they need to keep their skin moist and need water to complete their lifecycle. Not always an easy task on the driest continent on the planet. Some species inhabit the wettest parts of our […]

Birds as a barometer for nature

October 21 to 27 is Bird Week, celebrating the incredible variety of our birds, many that are not found anywhere else in the world, and inspiring Australians to take action and get involved in bird conservation efforts. Bird Week is held in spring, the season when birds are nesting and breeding and a lot of […]

Refresh and reinvigorate our community

Our communities are doing it tough at the moment and, in the midst of a drought, it’s easy to lose sight of how great life in rural and regional areas can be. Watershed Landcare will be hosting three events in October to refresh and reinvigorate our community, share our stories and be inspired by people […]

Learn about local eucalypts and their defining features

There are about 60 species of eucalypt in the Mid-Western Regional Council area. How many can you identify? Eucalypts have a reputation for being difficult to identify. A ubiquitous feature in the higher rainfall regions of the country, the dominance of eucalypts lends a ‘sameness’ to our landscape. But once you look past the sameness, […]

What Eucalypt is that?

The distinctiveness of the Australian landscape results more from the extensive domination by eucalypts, and their close relatives, than from any other single factor. There are about 60 species of eucalypt in the Mid-Western Regional Council LGA/Watershed Landcare area, many of which are economically important as timber, nectar for honey production and for shade and […]

Birds, Bats and Biodiversity

September is Biodiversity month, so what better time to celebrate Australia’s incredible biological diversity? A couple of events held in Mudgee this week did just that. On Wednesday evening Watershed Landcare hosted ‘Birds in the Bar’ with Sean Dooley at Roth’s Wine Bar. Sean Dooley is an author and comedian who has had a life […]

Tackling weeds with biocontrol

First introduced into the country in 1875, St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) is now a declared noxious weed in many parts of south eastern Australia. It has become widely established in the Central Tablelands, being particularly suited to the hill and high-country pastures. Good results for the control of St Johns’ wort in the Mid […]

Birds in the bar with Sean Dooley

Have you ever wondered how to break the Australian birdwatching record? Did you even know we had a national twitching ‘Big Year’ championship for counting the most Australian bird species in one year? Watershed Landcare would like to invite you to join us for an evening of fun at Roth’s Wine Bar with Australia’s biggest […]