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Farming with changes

A one day event, to be held in Bathurst in November, aims to focus on the positive aspects of economic and environmental sustainability of farming in Australia. Organised by Greening Bathurst, the Our Farming Future conference will center on the themes of farming with nature and climate change. Regenerative farming, sustainable grazing, Aboriginal farming practices […]

2018 Annual General Meeting & Special Resolution

Watershed Landcare will hold its Annual General Meeting at 6pm on Friday 23 November 2018 at the Pavilion Lecture Room, AREC. At this meeting we are seeking interested members to be involved in the Management Committee for the next 12 months. The committee meets the first Wednesday of the month at 5:30pm. In addition, a […]

Have you checked your hive?

October is American foulbrood (AFB) awareness month. Run by the Department of Primary Industries, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the disease, its impacts and best management practice and to encourage beekeepers to inspect their hives. AFB is an incurable bacterial disease affecting European honey bee larvae. It is fatal to the brood and […]

Locally suited plants project

Whether you are planting paddock tress, windbreaks or just establishing a few natives in the garden, plants grown from seed of local provenance provide the best chance for success. The reason for this is that local plants are more suited to the local environment. They would have evolved over time to cope with environmental variables […]

Farming for the land’s future

Drought not only affects the land, crops and livestock but also the outloook, not only of farmers and their families, but entire communities. When the season is tough, sometimes it’s easy to loose sight of the positive. A one day event, to be held in Bathurst in November, aims to focus on the positive aspects […]

A decade of Green Day

Watershed Landcare’s Green Day celebrated it’s 10th birthday last week. This year’s event was the biggest ever, with over 800 kids from 16 schools attending the environmental expo. On September 16, year 5 and 6 students from local schools visited the Mudgee Showground to experience a day centred around the theme Go WoW or Go […]

Saving the beautiful small Purple Pea

Did you know that there’s a rare plan growing right on Mudgee’s doorstep? The Small Purple Pea, Swainsona recta, is a slender, erect perennial herb growing to 30 cm tall. It flowers from spring to summer, with each flower stalk bearing up to 20 bright purple, pea flowers. Once widespread in grassland and open woodland […]

Celebrate biodiversity month

September is Biodiversity Month. But what is biodiversity anyway? Although in common use today, the origin of the term is relatively recent. Wildlife scientist and conservationist Raymond F. Dasmann, first used ‘biological diversity’ in his 1968 book but it was only in the 1980s that it came into common use in science and environmental policy. […]

Methods to predicting rain

Whether it’s based on looking at ants nests, turtles going up hill or if their knee hurts, we all know someone who has a foolproof method for predicting rain. Watershed Landcare caught up with Dr. Andrew Watkins, Supervisor, Climate Prediction Services with the Bureau of Meteorology to find out how the climate scientists do it. […]

Suffocating roadside rubbish

Urban dwellers often take pride in, and some degree of ownership for the nature strip or roadside verge outside their homes. Mowing grass, edging the footpath and rubbish removal are common activities undertaken by the urban community. Rural landholders view their roadsides in much the same manner. Some even consider the roadsides close to their […]