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Improve your soil health

Watershed Landcare are launching a new project which will provide landholders with the opportunity to increase their knowledge of aspects that influence soil health. The Digging Deeper into Watershed Soils project will explore improving soil health with a focus on soil health issues within our region; soil biology, soil water and soil acidity; and adapting […]

Landcare celebrates milestone

November 19 marks an important milestone – Watershed Landcare turns 20! That’s quite an achievement considering that the Landcare movement in Australia is only 25 years old. Watershed Landcare spoke to Sam Hamilton who was involved from the outset and did a stint as Chairman of the then fledgling organisation. “Back then Landcare in our […]

Innovative cropping techniques

Watershed Landcare will be hosting a workshop on Multi Species Pasture Cropping with Colin Seis, pioneer of this innovative cropping technique which was developed right here in the Central Tablelands. The concept developed over a beer when Mr Seis, together with Daryl Cluff, started exploring the idea of ‘fast tracking’ improvement in degraded soil and […]

Don’t put your land out to pasture

As the old adage goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat and, likewise, there’s more than one way to improve and maintain the condition and productivity of pastures. Watershed Landcare have a couple of events coming up that will address various aspects of pasture management. The first of these will focus on […]

Want to improve the health of your soils?

Healthy soils are the foundation for healthy pastures and, in turn, healthy livestock. But how can you improve the health of your soils? Landholders in our region will have the opportunity to explore soil health through a series of workshops and hands-on projects. As part of the ‘Digging Deeper into Watershed Soils’ project, Watershed Landcare […]

Public forum for changing landscapes

Futurelands2 is a public forum will explore our changing relationship to land. The forum will gather farmers, artists, custodians and scholars to lead this essential discussion, and invites visitors to engage in novel ways with the region’s natural and farming environments

Have you got all the dirt on soil?

Water is unlikely to be the limiting factor for growth this spring. But have you thought about what’s going on in your soil to get the most out of all the rain we’ve had? Watershed Landcare are launching a project focusing on soil health as the building block of a landscape system for both production […]

Buzzing to be involved with bees

Interested in knowing more about bees and maybe keeping your own hive? The newly formed Mudgee Bee Group is inviting any aspiring apiarists to come along to their next meeting on Tuesday 6 September. Following a two day beekeeping course hosted by Watershed Landcare and delivered by Tocal College in April a number of Watershed […]