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Going mad for our Green Day

Watershed Landcare is busy organising its 9th annual Green Day event, happening this year at Mudgee Showground on 7 September. We’ve got record numbers for this year’s event with 625 students from 16 schools participating. The theme of this year’s event is GoMAD, an acronym for Go Make A Difference, the theme aligns with a […]

Getting the buzz on backyard beekeeping

Renowned beekeeper and industry expert, Bruce White OAM will be back in Mudgee in August for another beekeeping course. Are you interested in learning about bees, or perhaps having your own hive but don’t know where to start? The Mudgee Bee Group will be hosting the Backyard Beekeeping course and invite novice and experienced beekeepers, […]

A spinning spider’s good side

A healthy spider community means a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem. How do you measure the health of something as diverse and complex as an entire ecosystem? Ecologists use top-level, or apex, predators as an indirect measure of the biodiversity and functionality of the entire system. The reasoning is that if those at the top of the […]

Need help managing serrated tussock?

Watershed Landcare are launching a new project to help landholders manage serrated tussock on their properties. The project, funded by the Central Tablelands LLS through funding from NSW Catchment Action and the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, will deliver a broad range of activities catering to landholders with different experience levels in dealing with serrated […]

Stellar farm field day line up

The Mudgee Small Farm Field Days are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and Watershed Landcare will be there to celebrate with a full program of displays, workshops and lectures. From livestock handling to backyard beekeeping, there’s something of interest for everyone at Watershed Landcare’s lecture series. Bruce Maynard, Stress Free Stockmanship, will show you […]

Pig out on good information

Ever wanted to have a free range pig or two running around the farm or even taking the next step into full scale pig production? Watershed Landcare have invited Frank Power and Danielle Littlewood of Power Pork to be a part of our Mudgee Small Farm Field Days lecture series this year. Frank and Danielle […]

Learning to grow your own

Are you interested in growing your own fruit, learning, or refining, grafting skills or preserving heritage fruit varieties? Watershed Landcare and the Heritage and Rare Fruit Network will be hosting a fruit tree grafting workshop in Mudgee in July. The Heritage and Rare Fruit Network has been conducting grafting workshops each year since 1990 with […]

Field Days: Lectures and workshops

The Mudgee Small Farm Field Days are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. Watershed Landcare be in attendance with a great program of lectures, workshops and activities for the event. The Mudgee Small Farm Field Days will be held on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 July at the Australian Rural Education Centre (AREC) Ulan Rd, […]

Help provide homes for pollinators

Pollinators are vital to keep plant species flowering and re-producing. But did you know that many of our food crops such as fruit, wine grapes and vegetables rely on native insects for this service? Australia has about 1,600 species of native bees, with around 250 to 300 species being found within a 100 kilometre radius […]

Weed control during winter

The ideal time to control most weeds is when they are actively growing. This is usually in the warmer months. There are a few that can be controlled at any time of the year. Two of those significant to this area are Serrated Tussock (Nassella trichotoma) and Cineraria (Cineraria lyratiformis). Both species are, unfortunately, common, […]