Celebrating Collaboration!

Published 28th June 2024. Written by Maddison O’Brien

Kandos Projects is hosting “Patterns and Connections,” an inspiring collaborative exhibition that brings together art, community, and environment. The exhibition, running until the end of July 2024, is a joint effort by Watershed Landcare, Rylstone District Environment Society, Bingman Landcare, and the Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation. Curated by Maddison O’Brien and Cheryl Nielsen, the show highlights the interconnectedness of nature and community through a diverse array of artworks.

The exhibition features contributions from various local artists, each presenting a unique perspective on the theme of environmental connectivity and community activism.

Laura Fisher’s “Water on Silk” utilises the ancient Japanese dyeing technique of Shibori to create mesmerising patterns that reflect the movement and energy of water. This beautiful collection, produced by community during a workshop at Creek Feast on the banks of Lawson Creek, underscores the vital role water plays in our ecosystem.

Maddison O’Brien’s “Tracks” is a series of acrylic prints inspired by local animal tracks. Each print, priced at $50, contributes to the Wildlife Waters project, which aims to enhance habitats for platypus and native fish. Maddison also collaborates with Christine McRae on “Themeda Grasslands,” a mixed media piece incorporating native seeds, leaves, and flowers, highlighting the beauty and delicate nature of our native grasslands.

“Creek Dreaming,” a video collaboration between Gus Armstrong and Peter Swain, captures a heavy-hitting vision for the future of our landscapes. The 4K video features stark and cinematic landscape contrasts and an interwoven message about caring for Country.

Cheryl and Michael Nielsen’s “Landscape Connections” explores the vital relationships between plants and fungi. Using timber, collected grasses, plants, foraged mushrooms, netting, paper string, and lights, the piece illustrates the crucial role of mycorrhizae in maintaining ecosystem stability. Mick Boller’s “Koalas of Lue” series, made from recycled tin, tree branches, and eucalypt leaves emphasises the importance of wildlife conservation. Each koala sculpture is available for purchase, with proceeds supporting environmental projects.

Christine McRae’s “Understorey” features framed botanical specimens, offering a detailed look at the plant life that forms the foundation of our ecosystems.

The “Patterns and Connections” exhibition not only showcases creative collaboration but also supports a worthy cause. Proceeds from the show will be donated to Watershed Landcare, aiding the Wildlife Waters project in restoring and protecting the biodiversity of Lawson Creek and the Cudgegong River ecosystems.

The community is invited to closing drinks on Saturday, July 27th 2024, at 4 PM at Kandos Projects, located at 18 Angus Avenue. This event is a perfect opportunity to view the exhibition, meet the artists, and support the initiative. For more information, contact Maddison at maddison@watershedlandcare.com.au. Don’t miss this chance to experience the intersection of art and nature at Kandos Projects.