Regenerative grazing in Lue _ 24th June 2024!

Published 7th June 2024. Written by Maddison O’Brien

Unlock the full potential of your grazing land with cutting-edge techniques in regenerative agriculture! Do you want to learn how to enhance your soil health and promote long-term agricultural sustainability? If so, we have the perfect event for you!

We invite you to join us in Lue on Monday, 24th June, for “Regenerating the Land,” a workshop with The Regenerative, Josh Frappell, hosted by The Watershed Landcare Grazing Group. This event will focus on Regenerative Agriculture, a holistic approach that prioritises soil health, biodiversity, and sustainable practices to transform your landscape health. The workshop will cover the principles and benefits of Regenerative Agriculture, utilising natural resources like water and sunlight, and understanding the role of living soil and carbon cycles in farm health. You will learn techniques for assessing and improving soil health on your farm, recognising and addressing common challenges in regenerative farming, and using natural indicators to monitor farm health and productivity.

The Watershed Landcare Grazing Group is a special interest group of Watershed Landcare members dedicated to networking with other graziers in the district. The group provides a platform for members to share experiences over a cuppa, catch up on what’s happening on each other’s properties, and receive support, new ideas, and training from guest speakers.

Josh Frappell at the Landcare Learnings in 2023, Mudgee Small Farm Field Days

No matter your level of experience as a farmer, we could all use more tools and strategies to help increase profitability while not damaging our landscape.

This workshop is designed to be interactive. Participants are encouraged to bring their soil samples for on-site testing and personalised advice, as well as their questions and challenges for discussion. The event includes a morning tea and lunch, providing ample opportunity to connect with like-minded farmers and experts in the field.

Regenerative Agriculture is more than a farming technique; it’s a movement towards a more resilient and adaptive agriculture. Transitioning to Regenerative Agriculture offers numerous benefits for grass growers, including enhanced pasture health and biodiversity, leading to more resilient and productive grazing systems. These practices improve soil structure and water retention, reducing reliance on synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. Healthier soils sequester more carbon, mitigating climate change, and fostering robust forage growth, which enhances livestock health and productivity. Economic savings from lower input costs and improved yields can increase profitability. Additionally, regenerative practices build resilience to climate extremes, ensuring the long-term viability of beef and sheep production while contributing to community well-being through healthier, chemical-free meat products.

By attending this workshop, you’ll gain valuable insights and practical skills to transform your farming practices, improve soil health, and increase your land’s productivity.

Tickets are free for Watershed Landcare members and $10 for non-members. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your land’s potential and join a community dedicated to sustainable farming practices.

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