Mycology May 2024 Events Near You!

Published 12th April 2024. Written by Maddison O’Brien

Just like mushrooms after a rainy day, mycology-themed events are popping up across the region for Mycology May. This exciting collaborative initiative is in its third year, celebrating the importance of the Fungi kingdom in our environment, agriculture and food! Watershed Landcare is hosting a Fungi Trivia Night and you’re invited! 

Mycology May is a collaborative initiative by the Central Tablelands Regional Landcare Network (CTRLN) and Central Tablelands Local Land Services. Local Landcare networks across the region are hosting an exciting range of extraordinary events focusing on the mysterious realm of mycology. 

From the forest floor to our dinner plates, fungi wield extraordinary power, yet their mysterious ways often remain shrouded in intrigue. Throughout Mycology May, prepare to uncover the secrets of these wondrous organisms and discover the myriad ways they shape our world. Delve into their role as nature’s recyclers, breaking down organic matter and enriching the soil. Marvel at their medicinal marvels, offering potent remedies and breakthroughs in modern medicine.  

From a booked-out Fungi Foray in 2022 to a Magical Mystery Tour at Ferntree Gully in 2023. This year, Watershed Landcare is hosting Far Out Fungi on Friday, the 10th of May; it’s a trivia night celebrating all things fungi. How’s your knowledge of this forgotten kingdom? Questions will range from science, food, medicine, folklore, art and more! Set at the picturesque Rylstone Olive Press, this is the perfect opportunity to come along, meet some new fungi friends and learn something new. Tickets are available HERE.

But that’s just Watershed Landcare! There are countless events open for registration right now across the region. How about a Nighttime Mystery Tour or a Fungi Foray at Orange. There’s also the opportunity to attend technical upskilling workshops with esteemed ecologist and environmental photographer Alison Pouliot. View the whole event lineup HERE

One captivating development in fungi research that has recently emerged is the exploration of fungal networks known as mycorrhizal networks (MN). These intricate webs of fungal hyphae form symbiotic relationships with plant roots, facilitating the exchange of nutrients and information between plants. Researchers have discovered that mycorrhizal networks are crucial in enhancing plant resilience to stressors such as drought and disease. 

Understanding fungi unlocks a treasure trove of knowledge crucial for sustainable agriculture, medicine, and environmental conservation. Learning about fungi gives us insights into their pivotal roles in nutrient cycling, disease control, and bioremediation, empowering us to develop innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. Moreover, delving into mycology fosters a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of all life forms, inspiring stewardship of the natural world. This is what Mycology Mat is all about! 

So what are you waiting spore? Jump onto to find out more, book your tickets and explore the unforgettable events of Mycology May!