Planning for a resilient and sustainable environment for our future

Watershed Landcare is a grassroots community organisation and we work together with our community to support an integrated, productive and sustainable approach to land management. The group has been active in our region for 21 years, working with the community to encourage positive change and progress from a people, prosperity and environmental point of view.

Our area covers approximately 900,000 ha (9000 km²) stretching to Gulgong in the north, Burrendong Dam in the west, the Turon River in the south and the Wollemi National Park in the east. Members include established landholders, town and village residents, land managers, people with country retreats and local businesses.

Our activities, field days, workshops, seminars and projects focus on topics of importance to our members, and consultation with our community is an important aspect of the planning process.

As well as conducting a survey, the group recently held a project planning session. The Management Committee and Coordinators met with members and representatives from the wider community to identify and design projects that meet the groups’ strategic objectives as well as community needs.

The group brainstormed project ideas to engage, empower and support our community to achieve a resilient and sustainable environment within our district. The day was very successful with many great ideas flowing.

Making Plans: Identifying and designing projects that meet the groups’ strategic objectives as well as community needs.

Watershed Landcare’s priorities will continue to focus on projects and activities that address sustainable agriculture, improving soil and grazing management and biodiversity, including the protection of threatened and vulnerable species and communities.

Raising awareness of issues relevant to our local environment and supporting people to create change through capacity building and sharing of knowledge and skills remain important core values to the organisation.

Do you have a great idea for an event or project we could run, want to get involved or want to find out more about what we do?

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