Managing Holistically helping farmers and graziers to enhance their quality of life

Holistic Management (HM) is a land management strategy, founded on a decision making framework which results in ecologically regenerative, economically viable and socially sound management. Developed by Allan Savoury over 40 years ago, the approach provides strategies for managing domestic livestock based on the relationship of herds of wild herbivores and grasslands.

There are many examples worldwide of marginal land being turned into productive and profitable enterprises utilising HM principles. Landowners and managers around the world who have embraced the Holistic Management principles are reporting increases in soil carbon, increased productivity, better time management and a decrease in costs.

Landholders in our region will have the opportunity to undertake Holistic Management training at a course run by Inside Outside Management in Bathurst.

The course will provide an understanding of the holistic nature of our environment. Participants will learn how to make decisions that are simultaneously socially, environmentally and financially sound using the Holistic Framework; how to utilise animals as a positive tool to improve environmental health; create with a Holistic Context for themselves and their business/family; create a Holistic Financial plan and a property Holistic Grazing plan (if applicable); and improve time management and communication skills.

The 8-day course is structured as 4 two-day sessions, 4 to 6 weeks apart; Session 1 September 15-16, Session 2 October 27-28, Session 3 November 24-25, Session 4 December 8-9.

Email and telephone back up will be provided and participants are encouraged to to attend with partners or managers. This support assists greatly with adoption of change.

The course fee of $2200 (inc GST) per person includes 8 days of training, 500 page textbook, Holistic Management e-book manual, charts, worksheets and materials, as well as Grazing Planning and Financial Planning software, teas and lunch.

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To express your interest in attending the Bathurst Holistic Management course Kerry Wehlburg, Inside Outside Management, 0428 894 578 or by email: