Watershed Women Momentum!

Published 18th August 2023. Written by Maddison O’Brien

Calling all women of our region! If you’re not already familiar, we’d like to introduce you to Watershed Women, your gateway to inspiration, connection, and growth within our vibrant community. As a dynamic Special Interest Group under Watershed Landcare, we’re on a mission to create a nurturing space where you can learn, connect, and thrive.

Imagine a place where diverse backgrounds converge, ideas flourish, and friendships bloom over morning tea and a cuppa. That’s Watershed Women. Our journey is centred around providing you with invaluable opportunities to learn, build resilience, and form meaningful connections. Whether you’re yearning to learn new skills, get involved with Landcare, or just eager for some heart-warming conversations, we’ve got your back.

Our gatherings, held every 4-6 weeks, are as vibrant as our members. Shaped by your suggestions and opportunities that come our way, our events are a testament to the strength of women coming together. Flexibility is our forte – events are thoughtfully scheduled to fit your busy lives and maximize participation.

From tranquil Yoga classes amongst grapevines to hands-on weaving workshops, we’ve embarked on diverse activities directed by the needs and curiosities of our members. We’ve braved the world of fencing and power tools, empowering women to take on traditionally male dominated tasks. Local business tours have opened our eyes to the power entrepreneurship and local networking, while cheese and wine tastings have brought laughter and connection. That is just a taste of what we’ve done in the past and the future is looking even more enriching.

The coming months are sprinkled with excitement as we bring you a line-up of engaging events. From educational workshops to insightful guest speakers, we’ve got something for everyone. Best of all, most events are free or come at a pocket-friendly cost. A heartfelt shoutout to the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program, Bunnings Mudgee and Ryobi teams, Christine Corner of Crave Natural, and our incredible partners in empowerment – the Mudgee Bee Group. Together, we’re crafting a journey of growth and connection for Watershed Women.

New to Watershed Women? Consider this your invitation to join us. Step into our circle, meet like-minded friends, and embrace the essence of being in the Landcarer community. To explore our upcoming events and secure your spot, visit our website at www.watershedlandcare.com.au/events. Spaces are limited, so don’t miss your chance to be a part of something transformative.

Got a passion for partnership? We’re all ears! If you or your business envisions collaborating with Watershed Women to empower, educate, and elevate, reach out to our Coordinator, Kennedy Porter. Your enthusiasm could shape the future of women’s empowerment in our community.