Landcare Week Celebration!

Published 25th August 2023. Written by Maddison O’Brien

The Landcare community gathered at Putta Bucca Wetlands on August 13th to celebrate Landcare Week. Despite cooler temperatures, the Landcare Week 2023 open day was a fun morning out, offering insight into Watershed Landcare’s work. The day was a celebration of Landcare’s successes and an opportunity to look forward with positivity about the exciting projects and collaboration opportunities ahead.

The day began with Watershed Landcare Treasurer Hunter White extending a warm welcome and introducing the range of special interest groups and projects of Watershed Landcare. Hunter highlighted the focus on regenerative agriculture and its vital role in driving sustainable land management practices and creating new opportunities for farmers amid changing climate conditions. The tone was set for the insightful discussions to follow.

John McCrea then guided everyone through the wetland’s evolution from a modest landscape to the thriving oasis it is today. John is a Watershed Landcare committee member and has played a pivotal role in the wetlands regeneration. The astonishing record of over 200 bird species visiting the wetland underscored its significance.

In a proud moment, local teacher Rebecca Daniells shared Cudgegong Valley Public Schools accolade as the best Eco School in both NSW and Australia. This recognition not only underscored the importance of environmental education but also highlighted the remarkable effect of Watershed Landcare’s initiative; Green Day on students and the importance of engaging young individuals in activities that kindle a passion for environmental stewardship and sustainable living.

Christine McRae, a beacon of passion and expertise, stepped up next, illuminating the splendid achievements of the Watershed Landcare Nursery with the remarkable capacity to propagate up to 25,000 local species of trees, shrubs, and grasses annually. These nurtured plants serve as keystones in planting projects across the region, nurturing the landscape and sowing seeds of consciousness about our precious local flora species.

Bruce Christie, a seasoned Landcarer and representative of Local Land Services, revealed the layers of the Watershed Landcare Grazing Group. His eloquent discourse illuminated the group’s unwavering dedication to regenerative farming practices and holistic grazing management. Through his words, the audience grasped the transformative potency of structured interest groups in steering tangible change and extending indispensable social support.

The event wasn’t just about sharing knowledge; it was about fostering a sense of togetherness and shared responsibility. As attendees mingled over lunch, exchanged thoughts, and learned from one another, the true spirit of Landcare Week came to life.

Special thanks to MWRC for hosting us and to Bunnings Mudgee for their generous prize contributions. Our appreciation extends to the dedicated Coordinator, Marie Hensley, whose unwavering efforts played a pivotal role in bringing this event to fruition.