Meet the New Chair of Watershed Landcare: Anne Sedgers

Published 26th January 2024. Written by Maddison O’Brien

In an exciting development for Watershed Landcare, we are thrilled to congratulate Anne Sedgers on her appointment as the Chair for 2024! Anne’s dedication to environmental stewardship and her invaluable contributions as a volunteer make her the perfect fit for this important role.

Anne Sedgers has been an influential member of Watershed, initially stepping into the role of a dedicated volunteer at the Watershed Nursery. Her involvement now extends far beyond the traditional responsibilities of nurturing plants, as she actively works towards enhancing systems and coordinating infrastructure improvements to foster the continuous development of the nursery productions.

A passionate gardener and environmentalist, Anne is currently pursuing her Certificate in Conservation and Land Management at TAFE and residing on a picturesque rural property near Mudgee. She is dedicated to helping her community and is even the gardener for Mudgee Preschool, ensuring our little ones have a beautiful environment to play and interact with nature. Beyond these important roles, Anne has been a driving force behind the Putta Bucca Landcarers Bush Regeneration group, showcasing her commitment to the local ecosystem.

Newly appointed Chair of Watershed Landcare Anne Sedgers (right) pictured at the AGM with Local Coordinator Maddison O’Brien (left)

The Putta Bucca Landcarers, was formed in 2023, it is a dynamic group in partnership with the Mid-Western Regional Council. The group convenes on the first Saturday of every month at Putta Bucca Wetlands, a once-industrial area, quarry, and dumping ground that has since been transformed into a thriving natural reserve. The Putta Bucca Landcarers goal is to regenerate native vegetation, creating a haven for local wildlife and enhancing the reserve for the community to enjoy.

Join Anne and the passionate landcarers on Saturday, February 3rd, at Putta Bucca Wetlands. Armed with your gloves, tools, and morning tea, you can immerse yourself in a morning of bush regeneration, bird watching, and learning about native plants. The Putta Bucca Landcarers focus on planting diverse native species, weed control and nurturing the soil to promote biodiversity, creating a healthy habitat for both humans and wildlife.

Volunteering with the Putta Bucca Landcarers is not just about improving the environment; it’s a fantastic way to give back to the community and forge meaningful connections. The group’s goals extend beyond restoring native vegetation to fostering biodiversity and building social and community friendships. All are welcome to join in on the fun, this is your chance to meet like-minded people dedicated to making a tangible difference in the community. The group shares morning tea and it’s a casual vibe with volunteers staying for as long as they like.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Anne and the team on February 3rd at 9am-12pm. RSVP and find more information about the event at Come be a part of the positive change and experience the joy of contributing to a healthier, more vibrant ecosystem.