Landcare from the ground up!

There’s never been a more critical time to stay connected in your community. Watershed Landcare has always been committed to sharing ideas and knowledge to create positive change and a healthy environment together. Yes, we plant trees, but we also provide space and time for people to come together. The Grazing Group, Mudgee Microscope Group, Watershed Women and the Mudgee Bee Group are all great examples of what can happen when like-minded people get together with the help of Landcare to create long-lasting initiatives that make a difference.

We’re telling you this because we want to hear your ideas! Watershed Landcare is a community-driven organisation that covers a broad range of interests. If it’s for the community and the environment, then we want to help! Just because we haven’t thought of it yet, doesn’t mean it’s not something we do, and your great ideas, project dreams or questions might just be the start of something that others find helpful and inspiring.

Residents and volunteers at Dewhurst Drive Reserve working bee, planting native trees and shrubs donated by Watershed Landcare

Some of the best ideas and gatherings through Landcare have come from people in the community coming to us and just asking. Look at Dewhurst Reserve in Mudgee; a nearby neighbour had the vision to enhance the natural space in the reserve but wasn’t sure how to make it happen. We found out about the project and were able to help progress the idea by gifting some of our beautiful locally grown tube stock (available for sale through our website). We also helped them to work with the Council for approval and to prepare the site for planting. On the planting day, the residents held a fun working bee where the whole street joined in and the Mudgee Lion’s Club gave them a hand to mulch the area. This was a fantastic project because it was driven by what our members wanted. Not only did we improve the environment and habitat by planting some trees and shrubs, but the neighbourhood all got to know each other and now has a space they can watch grow and be proud of.

We know that current restrictions make activities difficult. However, we can still meet in small groups and have hosted some fun and engaging online events like last month The Secret Life of Reptiles and Frogs online workshop, which was an absolute treat. There’s always something happening and ways to get involved. Watch this space for the new Urban Sustainability Group launching later this year. We want to hear your voice and ideas.

A simple conversation could be the start of something super special! So please reach out or become a member today to stay in the loop. Stay safe and stay connected! Go to: or get in touch with Maddison at – Local Landcare Coordinator if you want to get involved or have any questions.