Working Together: Clean Up Day

Published 26th May 2023. Written by Maddison O’Brien

Ignite your sense of adventure at the captivating Drayton’s Valley Reserve! Get ready for an extraordinary opportunity to connect with community, nature and make a meaningful impact. North East Wiradjuri Company is thrilled to invite us to their exciting new project site near Rylstone. We need your help to kickstart this journey by participating in our upcoming clean-up day.

This will be our second clean-up day at this special location, and we couldn’t be more excited. This isn’t your typical rubbish removal operation. Amongst the debris, you’ll discover old bottles, vintage household items, and an assortment of glass and metal bits. It’s like embarking on a trash treasure hunt!

Drayton’s Valley Reserve is a hidden gem with a sublime forest that is teeming with life. Picture yourself surrounded by majestic scribbly gums and the cheerful melodies of diverse birdlife. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, appreciate its wonders, and contribute to its preservation.

We are privileged to have Wiradjuri Woman, Emma Syme, leading the day’s activities. Emma brings her deep connection to the land and cultural insights, adding an enriching dimension to the experience.

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable day, here’s what you can expect:

On Saturday, June 3rd, please arrive promptly at 9:30 am at the NEWco centre in Kandos. From there, we will travel together by bus to the Reserve, creating a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose. Rest assured, we have your sustenance covered. Lunch will be provided, but we kindly ask you to bring your own cup and drinking water. It’s our little way of minimizing waste and treading lightly on the environment.

As we’ll be in the bush, safety is paramount. We request that you bring your own gloves and wear enclosed shoes, sunglasses, a hat, and long pants. These precautions will ensure your well-being and comfort throughout the day.

To RSVP go to and let us know you’ll be joining in. We can’t wait to welcome you into our enthusiastic team of volunteers.

This initiative is made possible by the NSW Landcare Program, a collaborative effort between Landcare NSW, NSW Local Land Services, and supported by the NSW Government. It is through such partnerships and the dedication of volunteers like you that we can create lasting change and preserve our natural heritage.

So, mark your calendars for Saturday, June 3rd, and get ready for a day filled with meaningful connections, the joy of giving back, and the beauty of nature. The trees, the birds, and perhaps even the quolls will extend their heartfelt gratitude for helping clean up their home.

Join us at Drayton’s Valley Reserve, because when we come together, incredible things happen. Together, we can make a difference!