Welcome Back Watershed Women!

Published 25th March 2022. Written by Maddison O’Brien

We kicked off the month with International Women’s Day on 8th March, a global holiday celebrating women’s rights, empowerment, and achievement. You may have seen public figures and friends taking to social media to acknowledge the day, which is a prominent means of bringing women’s issues and equality to the forefront of discussion.

Did you know that Women represent at least 32% of Australia’s agricultural workforce? Today, women are responsible for at least 48% of real farm income. It’s a fantastic time of opportunity for women in the landscape as women and men alike are innovating, adapting, and diversifying in the face of climate change and fluctuating markets. Creating success is made so much easier when you have a community around you; Watershed Landcare is that type of support network. Now is the perfect time to get involved as we re-launch our special interest groups and events.

Watershed Women will be meeting on Friday 1st April for a morning tea and worker bee. After a long break, brought on by covid, the group is ready to reconnect and welcome new members.

The Watershed Women group aims to empower the women of our region by providing support, mentoring, professional development, and vibrant and friendly conversation. The women involved have diverse backgrounds, from grazing and horticulture to running their own food manufacturing plants and natural resource management.

We’ll be meeting for a morning at the Watershed Landcare Nursery. We will have the chance to catch up, get to know each other and lend a hand growing some beautiful native plants. Come along and share your knowledge, learn new skills and meet new people. We’d also love to hear your ideas about future meeting topics and activities.

Whether you’re working in agriculture or thinking of taking up a new venture, maybe you want to meet some like-minded ladies or learn new skills. We’d love to welcome you into the Watershed Women group! For more information, go to watershedlandcare.com.au/events