Watershed Landcare joins forces with Stubbo Solar to bring REGENERATE Series to the Gulgong region.

Published 19th August 2022. Written by Maddison O’Brien

On Saturday 13th of August, an enthusiastic group of locals gathered in Gulgong to learn about Permaculture and ecological thinking. It was a fantastic day with lots of interesting discussions! This Permaculture Fundamentals workshop was the first of several workshops happening over the next few months called the REGENERATE Series.

Permaculture Fundamentals was a great success! Out in the sunshine, we learned how to build a no-dig garden and heard a talk by Mark Brown on Biodynamics.

The REGENERATE Series aims to bring Regenerative Agriculture education opportunities to locals. ACEN / Stubbo Solar has partnered with Watershed Landcare to deliver these exciting events, highlighting the conversation about Regen Ag in our region. We invite you to come along for the ride!

On 17th September, there will be a Swale Building Workshop at Dry Creek Farm near Mudgee. Swales are a fantastic tool to capture and slow down water, minimise erosion, and boost soil fertility. The day will be a chance to learn about passive water harvesting with a hands-on workshop.

On 5th October, there will be a motivational session called ‘Transforming Agriculture – A Soils Solutions Workshop’ with Matthew Barton from Resources Consulting Services (RCS). Matthew will reveal the role of soil biology in driving soil fertility. What we know about soils is growing all the time, and the complexity is fascinating. In this workshop, you will get the most cutting-edge information to boost the health of landscapes and business profitability.

We are excited to have Dr Charles Massey on board for the highlight event, ‘Conversations for Change’ on 22nd October. Massey is a widely known farmer, speaker, and author of the best-selling book “Call of the Reed Warbler – A New Agriculture, A New Earth”. Alongside Massey for this conference-style day will be local agricultural innovators and environmental experts. The event will explore challenges in our environment and embolden a shift to regenerative agriculture for a more resilient future.

Understanding the patterns and processes around us is the key to reading any landscape. On 5th November, Stuart Andrews from Tarwyn Park Training will come to Gulgong to provide landholders with the knowledge and skills to practice Natural Sequence Farming within our landscapes. This one-day course will give you a new way of looking at how water moves and how fertility is created.

Whether you’re a farmer of hundreds of acres or a gardener in your backyard, there is much to learn from these upcoming events, so stick the dates in your diaries and head to watershedlandcare.com.au/events for more information and to get your tickets.