Learn to Build Robust Landscapes!

Published 28th October 2022. Written by Maddison O’Brien

Flood, drought, salinity, desertification, erosion, biodiversity loss. These are all challenges we face in Australian landscapes. Our soil and water are precious! They hold the key to restoring our landscape’s function when managed appropriately. When it comes to our farms and agricultural land, we must get these things right to ensure long-term viability. A lot of our landscapes are degraded, but there are tools we can use to rebuild fertility and regenerate soil. Natural Sequence Farming offers one set of tools that could transform the productivity of your farm, and you’re invited to come and learn all about it.

Natural Sequence Farming (NSF) is understanding how the natural landscape functions and how we can regenerate our landscapes by utilising five key principles. First and foremost, NSF aims to slow water flow across the land. If we can slow down our waterways and reduce surface run-off, we can allow water to soak and store in the soil. This principle is important because it aims to reduce erosion and develop soil fertility.

Three generations of the Andrews’ family are now involved at Tarwyn Park Training educating the community about the importance of restoring landscapes.

Australia has an estimated 50,000km of eroded, incised waterways, creeks, and gullies. Agricultural soil carbon levels have dropped from an average of 7% to a mere 1% or less. Increased Carbon in the soil increases its ability to store water. This means that today, our soils are ill-equipped to soak in the rain for use by plants and long-term storage for dryer times. This degradation ultimately leads to more run-off and more erosion.

Peter Andrews developed NSF during his lifetime to address these stark landscape challenges. Today, his son Stuart Andrews and the team at Tarwyn Park Training are leading the way, continuing the legacy of teaching land managers to read and better understand landscape function. Over the years, the techniques of NSF have gained international recognition as a crucial Regenerative Agriculture strategy.

Don’t miss the chance to hear from Stuart Andrews on Saturday, 5th November 2022, in Gulgong. This one-day workshop will change how you look at the landscape and understand hydrology. Learn the fundamental principles of Natural Sequence Farming and how to apply them to start regenerating your soils to build resilience against drought and flood. This session is a part of the REGENERATE Series, made possible by ACEN Australia in collaboration with Watershed Landcare.