Local Plants for the Local Environment – Native Seed Collection and Propagation Workshop

May 6, 2018 09:00:00

Australian Rural Education Centre (AREC)

267 Ulan Rd, Bombira NSW 2850

Organized By

Watershed Landcare

0435 055 493

  • workshop

  • morning tea provided

  • lunch provided

Watershed Landcare will be hosting a seed collection and propagation workshop on Sunday 6 May and have invited local ecologist, David Allworth, and local botanist, Christine McRae, to share their extensive knowledge on the subject.

The workshop will cover the following topics:


Basic identification features of some commonly found local plant species

Useful texts to help with identification

Seed Collection

Why collecting locally is best – (also only collect from large healthy populations)



Timing – weather, ripeness of seed


Containers for collected material

Record keeping

Processing Seed

Equipment for processing collected material

Processing collected material

Storage for seed – labelling, insect attack


Propagating mix


Best time to sow seed


Protection of your seedlings

Workshop participants with gain knowledge and skills to select for viable seed, ensure successful germination and give seedlings the best start.

The seed collection and propagation workshop will be held from 9am to 12 noon on Sunday 6 May at the Straw Bale Shed, AREC. The workshop is free to attend with morning tea and lunch provided.

All welcome. For more information or to book your spot please contact Agness Knapik, Watershed Landcare Coordinator, on 0435 055 493 or info@watershedlandcare.com.au.

This event is supported by Watershed Landcare through funding from Michael King and Landcare Australia.

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