Eucalypt ID Workshop

September 27, 2019 18:30:00 - 20:30:00

Cooyal Pub

1765 Wollar Rd, Cooyal NSW 2850

Organized By

Watershed Landcare

0435 055 493

  • workshop

  • dinner provided

There are about 60 species of eucalypt in the Mid-Western Regional Council LGA/Watershed Landcare area, many of which are economically important as timber, nectar for honey production and for shade and shelter within pastoral areas.

To some there is a superficial sameness or similarity about the eucalypts, but to those that spend a little time getting to know them, there are subtle differences that all add up to give each eucalypt a distinct character.

It is extremely difficult to identify a eucalypt without a combination of these subtle differences. However, once you know what to look for, identifying eucalypts, or ‘Gum Trees’ becomes a lot easier and becomes more so with practice.

Watershed Landcare will be hosting a workshop on Eucalypt Identification on Friday, 27 September at the Cooyal Pub.

We have invited local ecologist, David Allworth, to run a hands-on workshop to increase your eucalypt identification skills. David will highlight the basic features to look for to allow successful identification.

Local ecologist, David Allworth.

The workshop will focus on the key characteristics of eucalypts, such as fruits, buds, leaf characteristics, including juvenile and mature leaves, and bark.

Using the above characteristics people will be introduced to a simple computer program that helps identify eucalypts of the Mudgee district. A nationwide identification computer program will also be available for people to try.

Come along, meet other Watershed Landcare members and be introduced to some of the local eualypts.

The Eucalypt ID workshop will be held at 6:30pm on Friday, 27 September at the Cooyal Pub. Admission is free, with dinner provided. All welcome but please register for catering purposes by Monday, 23 September to Agness Knapik, Watershed Landcare Coordinator, on 0435 055 493 or by email:

This event is supported by Wateshed Landcare through funding from Landcare Australia and Michael King.