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Have a plan for the coming season

Local graziers are taking advantage of support while planning for what is forecast to be a tough winter season. Grass budgets, setting critical dates and adaptive planning dominated discussion when members of Watershed Landcare’s Grazing Group met recently. “Members are preparing for a tough winter and are having to make different decisions because they don’t […]

Pest animals and weeds – everybody’s responsibility

Expert speakers in the pest animal and weeds field will gather for two workshops next week to be held in Gulgong on Wednesday 27 March and in Pyramul on Thursday 28 March. Landholders in both areas have requested a focus on serrated tussock. This is an invasive weed of pastures, with the potential to infest […]

Remote sensing technology a highlight of workshops

Local landholders and pest managers will be introduced to some cutting edge remote sensing technology at two Watershed Landcare workshops to be held on 27 and 28 March in Gulgong and Pyramul. A team from New Zealand’s Encounter Solutions will be discussing their long-range wireless sensor networks for rural and rugged areas, with applications for […]

Putta Bucca Carp Muster

Mid Western Regional Council will be hosting a Carp Muster at the Putta Bucca Wetlands on Sunday 17 March. Carp have a detrimental effect on water quality and their feeding habits are destructive to plants, which provide critical feeding, spawning and nursery habitat for native fish. Carp are benthivorous fish that feed in and on […]

Learn about local bats and birds

Want to learn more about our local creatures of the sky? A couple of great events are coming up where you can get out and about and explore woodland bird and bat habitat and hear from experts about their ecology. These events are supported by Central Tablelands Local Land Services through funding from the Australian […]

From impenetrable scrub to highly biodiverse wetland ecosystem

Through community collaboration, an exhausted quarry has been turned into a public reserve managed for biodiversity conservation and public recreation. The Putta Bucca Wetlands reserve is situated on the site of an abandoned aggregate quarry, just a stone’s throw from the Mudgee town centre. The site was opened to the public in 2011 and since […]

Planning for a resilient and sustainable environment for our future

Watershed Landcare is a grassroots community organisation and we work together with our community to support an integrated, productive and sustainable approach to land management. The group has been active in our region for 21 years, working with the community to encourage positive change and progress from a people, prosperity and environmental point of view. […]

Imagine it took more than a 100 years to build your home?

Well if you are a small animal, such as the eastern pygmy-possum, then it might take 100 years for a tree to grow large enough to develop a hollow suitable for you to nest in. If you are a parrot or an owl, and require a larger, deeper hollow, then it might take 200-300 years […]

Important environmental factors about our Box Gum Woodlands

Box Gum Grassy Woodland is the shortened name given to the endangered ecological community ‘White Box, Yellow Box, Blakely’s Red Gum Grassy Woodland’. This community is characterised by a sparse shrub layer, a diverse mix of native grasses and herbs, and is dominated by the eucalypts White Box, Yellow Box and/or Blakely’s Red Gum. Grey […]

Helping your garden deal with the heat wave

In very hot weather, when the evaporation from the leaves is greater than water uptake from the roots, plants get dehydrated just like we do. Unlike us, they can’t go for a swim or go sit in the shade. Fortunately, there are some simple strategies to help our plants minimise heat stress. When it’s hot […]